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 Long time students and friends on the path of practice, Rachel Peters, Sam Rice, and Meg Abene Newlin, are offering a unique intensive exploration into the study and practice of yoga.  Each of these teachers has a unique voice with different insights to offer up but share a common thread in having found their authentic voice.  They share a passion for living a life of practice in the modern world informed by the wisdom of ancient traditions.  They are thrilled to be making this collaborative offering as they each know so clearly the power of community in creating and holding space for personal growth and discovery. 

Beginning mid November 2019, we are embarking on a group journey of 3 immersive 3 day weekends under the instruction and guidance of 3 fantastic women.   Over the course of these weekends we will explore a wide range of topics including but not limited to: asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, lineage, ayurveda, self-study, contemplation, movement, social justice, and resourcing community.  This course of study is designed with the longtime student in mind.  It is not a teacher training course but can serve the teacher who knows that the learning never stops and that work on our selves always translates into how we in turn serve our students.  This program is intended for the folks who want to explore the ways in which yoga inform their daily lives, as well as the ways in which their daily lives informs their yoga.  It is a current that flows both ways.  We are curious about what life of practice means to the individual and how it can inform a path toward wholeness, self-love, respect, empathy, and authentic belonging.  If this is of interest to you, please consider joining us on this unique journey.

more course details (including reading lists, supplies, and private group website) to follow in the coming months...



Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9-5 daily.  Prescott, Arizona. Exact venue TBA.

November 15-17 2019

January 3-5 2020

February 14-16 2020

tuition: $1450 for all 3 weekends, $550 for 1 weekend before August 31st 2019. $1600 afterward. Individual weekend $600. 

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Rachel believes life is more interesting when we seek and find meaning in the small moments of every day. This kind of reverance for life leads us to a renewed appreciation for ourselves, our family and our community. Rachel is a connecter, a conduit of wisdom between everyday living and life on the mat. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Yoga Health Coach and grounded lover of wild places. Rachel has a great gift of being approachable, inspiring and passionate about everyday living. She merges the wisdom of yoga and ayurveda with lifestyle and habit evolution to support conscious people to align their daily lives with what matters most and experience ease in the modern world.  Rachel lives with her husband Dan and their son Miles and a loyal pup named Sage in a beautiful home surrounded by gardens and a few free range hens in Prescott, Arizona.  Rachel offers on-going opportunity to explore easeful living through her website

Sam Rice, E-RYT 500, has been teaching since 2007.  Sam is known for her diligent and detailed alignment instructions, that are delivered with great skill, passion, and humor, offering students the opportunity to find renewed depth in practice.  Sam is also known for her progressive sequencing with the ability to breakdown the component parts of asana postures to make them more accessible and offer insight for refinement.  One of the reasons that Sam continues to practice is that it requires her to step into the field of self study and reflection over and over again.  Sam believes that facing all the parts of ourselves is challenging and humbling, but will ultimately lead to freedom and living a more authentic and integrated life.  A life of practice also offers an opportunity to practice self-love and compassion which does not come easily to Sam.  It is an everyday practice, and some days are much more successful than others.  Sam has met many amazing souls along the path of practice and their willingness to step in has been one of the most encouraging and inspiring reasons to stay the course.  Sam resides in Tucson, Arizona with her wife Rachel King, Owl the cat, and Tortuga the desert tortoise.  Sam believes that one of the most healing things for the soul is time in nature.  Besides yoga, Sam's favorite activities are being outside hiking, floating down a river in whatever craft is available and snowboarding down any mountain she can get to that has snow. She also believes one of the most valuable things in life is laughter and good company.  Find out more about what Sam is up to at

Meg Newlin is a long time dreamer of dreams and maker of connections.  She believes that life is most mesmerizing at all of the points in which it intersects, one part to the other, and each part together.  She can also indulge her inner realist but makes sure to not step on the toes or trip up the magic that wants to come through.  Meg practices daily at being a good and kind and truthful woman.  Practice takes her into the roles of friend, daughter, wife, mama, teacher, student, maker, and writer.  She is an E-RYT 500 yoga teacher and is continually more and more inspired to be guiding students in their own life of practice with each passing year.  She endeavors whole heartedly to help students find their way home to themselves as the source of their own sovereign truth telling and connection making.  Find out more about what's happening at